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Our Team is on FIRE!!!  So many incredible people are joining our team and they are excited about changing their lives while inviting others to change their lives! Our growth has accelerated 10x MORE in January-February than what it was just 6 months ago! I feel very humbled to be a part of this movement!

Each week on our Team Call, I like to give recognition to the members of our team who are really stepping up to help others and are Rank Advancing as a coach.  We will also be posting it here on our new team website!

Rank Advancement to Star Diamond Coach:

  1. David Ingram – 10 Star Diamond
  2. Kate Ingram – 1 Star Diamond

Rank Advancement to Diamond Coach:

  1. Mike Bianconi
  2. Clint Weishan
  3. Shannon McArthur
  4. Danny Brisson
  5. Zander Jepsen

Rank Advancement to Emerald Coach:

  1. Larry Poitras
  2. Nicole Poitras
  3. Christine Woodcock
  4. Casey Robertson
  5. Stephanie Diehl
  6. Mike Garozzo
  7. Todd Craine
  8. Chuck Ross
  9. Pete Vadax
  10. Steve Waters
  11. Adam Burgess
  12. Eric Glover
  13. Karla Layton
  14. Jaime Alejandre
  15. Tim Martin
  16. Izaac Rudd
  17. Rick Bader
  18. Judie Lavender
  19. Dillan McArthur
  20. Jessica Kohrman
  21. Jill McMillan
  22. James Ward
  23. Jeff Kamp
  24. Tisha Byrd
  25. Ashley Spellins